Those that genuinely enjoy our work are the best sources of referrals. We have a referral programme as a way of saying thanks. We cherish the recommendations from clients and colleagues. This is how we are giving back. Our Buzzr Builder is an attractive, cost-effective solution. That is the sole product in our referral programme because the price is fixed. A referral fee is paid for each annual plan signup as well as each renewal. Some services are quoted, thus charging a referral fee for them would be unfair to our customer base.

You may access your personal referral control panel once you've enrolled. You can find your reports and marketing materials in the control panel. You get a special customised URL link. Referrals received using your personal signup link are credited to your account.

We offer real-time data and reporting on any new clicks and conversions that are created. We offer free marketing resources including banners, badges, and landing page links. Free of charge, we adapt all marketing materials to match the colours and style of your present website. We adore our blue and black aesthetic, but if your brand is more appealing to you, we will produce advertising that are appropriate for your platform. Membership is free. Register right away. We will be in touch with you to go over the programme with you and address any questions you may have.

How Do I Join?

step 1
Click on the join free button above.
step 2
Once logged-in a new menu will appear. Hover over My Account and click on Refer A Friend.
step 3
Click the button named Activate Referral Account to activate your referral account.
step 4
You'll now see a page showing your unique referral link, reports & banners. We will contact you upon opening your account online. Please reach out to chat anytime.

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