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This document details client onboarding procedures and important items. 


To set up a client account:

-   Address

-   Phone number

-   Alternate and primary emails

-   Preferred payment method (This can change at any time. Accept PayPal, e-transfer & Stripe (all credit cards). 

- If the preferred payment method is Stripe provides the name of the cardholder, credit card number, CVC number and card expiry date

- Clients holding domains or hosting must have a valid credit card on file 

Client accounts are accessible on our secure site at https://www.app.thebuzzr.net

Invoicing Procedure: 

All Projects

  • A deposit of 30% of quoted service is required to start work, or as agreed to.
  • Currently, no taxes, VAT or GST is charged. 
  • Billings come from thebuzzr.net &/or WOBZ Music 


Notes to above: 

  • If marketing, balance invoiced start of the marketing campaign. 
  • Other services, balanced invoiced on completion of work.
  • 3rd party services invoiced in full prior to execution. 

Payments accepted - Stripe (all credit cards), PayPal and e-transfer. A 30% mobilization deposit is requested to start with larger projects, such as websites & marketing campaigns. Payment in advance for Yangaroo radio campaigns. The balance due terms can be worked together according to the project & your budget. 

What We Need to start work:


  1. Master files MP3, MP4, WAV, AIFF or FLAC (MP3 or WAV preferred) 
  2. Information for metadata tagging (this has to be done to protect your work before we fire off the files to media, bloggers, etc. We check the files for this data before sending it off and confirm the data is correct. If not done, metatag can be done with WOBZ)
  3. ALL social links (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc)
  4. Music platform links to be in campaigns (Apple, Amazon, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, etc.)
  5. Final Artwork submitted with distributor registration (CDBaby, RouteNote, Tunecore, etc.)
  6. Promotional images in high quality .jpg and .png (generally, jpg; for logos, smaller brand images png)

About the album/song: 


    • Musical Genre
    • Time length of the single. If album – # of songs – total minutes
    • If single, will a radio edit be provided? 
    • Influences for the single/album: (name familiar music influences/bands/other influences)
    • Track Suggestions (album only): (for radio)
    • Band/artist bio and lineup
    • Album/Single Title
    • Track Listing (album only)
    • Lyrics (all tracks)
    • About the song - short description of the song & reflections from the artist 
    • Recent press quotes you wish to include in marketing materials
    • Label or Independent 
    • Release Date
    • The pre-save date suggested or confirmed & platform. 
    • Formats available (digital, CD, vinyl)


    • Additional Contributors: Anyone else that worked on that track that should be credited. 
    • Explicit Content: indicates whether the track contains explicit content.
    • Lyrics Language: the language of the written lyrics
    • Lyrics publisher: The publisher representing the lyricist/lyrics contributor (if independent, the band)


  • Composition Owner: The owner of the composition rights
  • Year of Composition: The year the track was composed


  • Master Recording Owner: the owner of the sound recording
  • Year of Recording: The year the recording took place.
  • Release Language: The language of the release itself. Even if you are intending to distribute your release in a different country or territory the release language must be the language of the metadata you are entering.


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