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Is it easy to build a website with Buzzr Builder? 

Yes. All you have to do is pick a theme, then drag and drop the elements you want on each page. Add your images, your stories, your content, your social media, and in just a few hours your website is live. Want 100% design freedom? No problem. All you have to do is clone one of the existing themes and then customize everything with our easy-to-use theme editor and drag-and-drop page builder.

Can I create my website if I don’t know how to code?

Absolutely. Buzzr Builder is user-friendly, and you can build a professional website without knowing how to code. All you have to do is drag and drop, and then point and click to edit any element. And, if you do know how to code, you can jump right into the code editor and customize things even further or add custom functionality.

How do I make my site mobile-friendly?

All Buzzr Builder website themes are mobile-optimized, which means that your website will look great on smaller screens right out of the box. And making mobile changes is easy, all you have to do is toggle over to the mobile page editor, make any change you want, and be done. All the changes you make using the mobile page editor will only be visible on smaller screen sizes. So, you can make small changes and make your website mobile friendly OR you can change a lot and deliver a fully optimized mobile experience. Making your website mobile friendly is that easy.

Can I create a website and use my custom domain?

Yes. You can use your custom domain. But if you don’t have one, you can register a custom domain whether on the paid or free plan. Free plans have what is termed a 'parked' domain. It’ll look like this: site Having a custom domain name makes you look more professional online. But you can quickly get started without one. And you can always add a custom domain later if that’s what you want.

Do I need a hosting account?

All Buzzr Builder plans include secure, unlimited hosting for all your digital content. We use servers located in Michigan United States, yet no matter where your visitors come from, your website will be reliable and lightning-fast. That means that if you’re paying for hosting now, you can cancel that hosting account and save just by using Buzzr Builder for your website.

Can I start to design my site & try out the Buzzr Builder before the SSL certificate becomes valid?

The builder does not need a working domain and SSL. SSL certificates are automatic yet there is a delay before the internet registers the site as having a valid SSL certificate. So, if you try to see it 'live' before the SSL is active you will get an error. Once you have access to the product on our servers where the domain is specified (or a subdomain), then you automatically have access to the builder. You can build the website and publish it. But you will be able to see it live only when the domain starts working.

How do I get customers to actually find my website?

Buzzr Builder comes with built-in SEO settings that you can use to get your website found online. You’ll be able to add page titles and meta descriptions, and alt attributes to all your images. 

Exactly why do I need a website?

Whether you want to build a portfolio or sell products online, a website is the first step. It is part of expanding your company's or passion project's internet presence.


What does a Buzzr Builder subscription cover?

Buzzr Builder is an all-in-one platform on the web. Create a website. Register a custom domain or use our free Builder. Host your content (images, videos and text content). Sell stuff. Track your sales. Mail out newsletters. And, much more. A free SSL certificate (HTTPS) comes with each plan.


Are there any hidden fees?

No. All plans include a free SSL while you have an active builder account. The cost of each plan includes hosting. Annual plans include the first year's domain registration and transfer costs. There are restrictions on TLDs available for these savings. The TDLs currently allowed are .com, .ca, .uk, .info & .blog.
Support is free. Automatic backups are free of charge as well.


So, I don't need a separate hosting plan?

No. All three Buzzr Builder plans include hosting and a free SSL certificate.


Where do I begin when designing my website?

Organize your site using any template as a starting point. Then use our website builder to customize it to reflect your personal taste and match your brand. The Buzzr Builder has over 200+ templates to choose from, for almost any type of enterprise.
Creating an attractive website is simple with Buzzr Builder. Pick from our collection of website templates to get started. If you want a custom name then buy a unique domain that is ideal for your brand or concept. Add colour, font, image, and content customizations to your template. You do this as you create your website's pages. Publish your website when you're ready and start making people aware.


How do I start my online presence using a website?

Our all-in-one platform makes it simple. A short list of features is below. View the features of each plan by clicking 'Learn More'. For further information, visit our Knowledgebase articles. We have instructional videos to help you on our YouTube channel.
Many Plugins
Type: Blog, E-commerce, Landing
Basic: Button, Languages, Layout, Form, Shape, SEO
Gallery: Thumbnails, Slideshow, Masonry
Media: Youtube, Vimeo, Spotify
Maps: Google maps, Yandex, BingMaps
Social: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Chat
Payment Gateways: Paypal, Stripe, 2checkout, PayU and many more.
Advanced: HTML, Countdown, AdSense, Google Calendar
E-commerce Features
Dynamic Unlimited Attributes
1-Click Purchasing
Wide Range of Payment Options
Stock Management
Product Variants Setup
Customisable Tax System
SEO: All Features
Meta information: Title, Description, Keywords
Pages: User-friendly URL
Tracking tools: Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, Google Tag Manager
HTML Meta Tags


Is the Buzzr Builder the correct tool for me?

Everyone has distinct expectations for their website. Everyone has different requirements for their website. The only way to figure out if Buzzr Builder is the right decision for you is to use it.
You can start building a website for free and test out our platform. Upgrading to a paid subscription will give your website more muscle. re features and higher web data limits. There is no time limit on your free Buzzr Builder account, in contrast to other website builders.


What support will you give me?

We have a series of quick instructional help videos on our YouTube channel. Use the resources in our Knowledgebase to discover on your own pace. Reach out to us for questions. You can contact us by ticket, email, chat or over the phone.


Could you please build my website?

Yes. We do website design for clients, even though Buzzr Builder is a fantastic tool for a DIY approach. Connect to our team for a quote.


I need a unique domain for my website; how do I register one?

With the help of our Domain Name Lookup tool, purchasing a domain name with Buzzr Builder is easy and quick. Your first domain can be registered with us for free for the first year if you select an annual website plan. If you have a domain registered elsewhere, you may also transfer it to us.


How can I begin selling products online?

To help you launch your e-commerce website, our templates are simple to launch a store. You create and configure your online store using sophisticated product merchandising features. They are designed to show off your products to their greatest advantage. There is built-in inventory management for your products. The ability to accept payments online is simple to set up. And, connecting a payment processor makes it possible for you to accept orders. Many payment processors are available through our builder.


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