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How much does website import cost?

It costs nothing. The website import is included in all plans.

To activate a plan go to the order page and select your plan. You can also create a ticket in our support area. Assistance is free of charge.  

Error: "This website is protected from import"

If you get this error while importing a website, it means the IP of the domain you imported is registered by another thebuzzr user.

If you want to transfer your website created with Website Builder from one hosting company to another, follow these steps in our knowledge base article Website Creation.

How to make a website responsive after import?

Imported websites sometimes need additional adaptation for different devices.

  1. Go to Page structure on the right side of your website builder;
  2. Go through whole the structure and check all elements of horizontal and vertical layout type;
  3. In the right toolbar select "Size", all elements should be with:
    • Specify "Width" preferably in "100%" or "auto";
    • "Height" is "auto";
    • All "Min" and "Max" checkboxes in Size section should be off;
  4. Check elements for each page;
  5. Click on the "Preview" to check the result.

Website import option returns a message "Ask administrator to enable this feature"

Contact us to activate the website import function for you.

How many pages from a website can I import in my website builder?

The number of the pages that can be imported is up to 20 pages. To increase the number of the pages allowed to import for a limited time – contact us by creating a ticket in our support system.

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