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How to use "Form"? 

  1. Adding form:
    • Drag & drop "Form" from main toolbar;
    • Choose form composition.
  2. Customizing form:
    • Add simple fields:
      Select form and in the right toolbar choose which simple fields to show.
      Select which fields are required.
    • Add options fields:
      Select form and in the right toolbar choose option fields.
      Write questions and options as separate lines and select which fields are required.
    • Add additional fields:
      Add additional fields, messages, attachments or checkboxes in the right toolbar.
    • Submit button:
      Write submit button text.
    • URL after submit:
      Select the URL after submitting  and write URL or select a page on your website.
      Select if required to "Open in a New Window".
    • Labels:
      Select "Label Style" from the dropdown menu and "Label Column Width" in the right toolbar.
    • Email settings:
      Write which email / emails form will be sent to and form will be sent from.
      Write email subject, form sent message.
      Set the maximum size of attachments or set to "Submit to URL instead" to have your form data sent to URL.
    • SMTP:
      Click "SMTP Enable" to enable SMTP in the right toolbar.
      Write "SMTP Host" and "SMTP Port" in the right toolbar.
      Select "SMTP Encryption" in the right toolbar.
      Write "SMTP Username" and "SMTP Password" in the right toolbar.
    • Google reCAPTCHA (v2):
      Write "Site key" and "Secret key" in the right toolbar to add google reCAPTCHA.
    • Size:
      Set form size or "Allow to adjust size automatically" in the right toolbar.

"Form sending failed. (4): SMTP connect() failed"

When you get this error when sending mail from your website then it usually means one of these:

  • SMTP data is incorrect (double-check username and password, make sure that you specified the correct host and port).
  • Firewall on your hosting server blocks outgoing connections from specified SMTP hosts and / or ports. Contact your hosting support and describe this problem to fix the issue.
  • Specified SMTP host (in case it is a domain — not IP) is not resolved on your hosting server or resolved to a wrong IP address. Contact your hosting support and describe this problem to fix the issue.

For more details on this issue please refer to this page.

I am not receiving mails from contact form

The problem may occur when you are using field Form will be sent from this Email in form configuration in builder. For example you use the address in this field Then mails may not be received on your email account due to the fact that domain does not have DNS record of type SPF (for more details please see Due to this, mail can be blocked by mail servers. If you are an owner of domain "" you need to add an SPF record in the DNS configuration of your domain.

When you do not have a field "Form will be sent from this Email" filled in then the address is used (where "" is replaced with your website domain name). In this case the reason for not receiving mails is the same as described above.


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