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Can't find destination folder

If this error is thrown during publication then it means that the builder cannot open the folder where the website is meant to be published (usually the folder is "public_html" but it can differ depending on the hosting control panel).

To fix this error just make sure that you have a web root folder in your home directory in file manager. If you are not sure what folder exactly you need to create (or check existence) then contact your hosting provider and provide this FAQ message.

New template is shown or website builder asks to choose a template instead of showing my website

  • You accidentally pressed the "Reset" or "Change template" button. Check if you have manual or automatic backup enabled. Hover on Publish icon and you will see "Backup / Restore" item;
  • You closed the website builder without pressing "Save draft" after creating a website.
    Always make sure you save your website before closing the browser tab. Also we advise you to make website backups regularly.

Error loading page. Try again later.

To solve this problem please take the following steps:

  1. Open builder in Chrome or Firefox browser;
  2. Open developer tools in browser (key F12);
  3. Switch to "Network" tab;
  4. Click on "Save" button in builder;
  5. Click on appeared request line (it should begin with "?sess=");
  6. Switch to "Response" tab;
  7. Copy text you see in this tab;
  8. Create a ticket on thebuzzr and tell us about "error loading page" and paste copied text. Our developers will fix this problem.


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